Surf Logo Inlay Paper

Logo Inlay paper, sourced from the US, our Californian friends know best.

Papers turn transparent under laminates, leaving only the printed logo....

We stock two kinds, good, and better...

"72 Paper" : Cut from a roll, and the edge may not be exactly 90deg, but our best effort ;-) 25" in width, by the foot.
"55 Paper" : Sheet form only: 25" in width, and 37" in length.

Disclaimer: This is our opinion of how we found this product "not a guide or manual" ;-)

72" Paper" there's three prints of logo's in a foot?

Cut three equal sections from the width, resulting in approx inch dimension: (3 of) 8.333 x 12" sections) which is just slightly smaller than A4.
Use masking tape! and tape the logo paper to your a4 paper.
then into the feed tray in the printer, right way up or down!! and print!

Remember to keep it simplish, over elaborate coloured designs can be a risk if you don't have a quality printer.
The ink may bleed, logo paper is really fine and turns translucent under laminates. "72" paper is suitable for white boards.

this works, and is cost effective, we are not responsible for your sh#@tty printer

The "55 Paper" is more suited for darker colours. performs better than "72 Paper", & in 25" x 37" sheet form only.
Ideally suited to competent use, as Applications of logo's and specifically lighter vivid graphics over dark coloured foams &/or under pigment resin can be nerve wracking stuff no matter what approach you use.

  • Don't cut out or do any logo work in the shed, clean kitchen table ;-)
  • When you have a dark coloured foam, clear epoxy and a requirement for light coloured graphics, over dark ensure to do plenty of small tests; glues, pigments, epoxies, foams, timbers, colours, & paints used in "your process" will change the flow of patient to achieve results so don't just flake into it ;-) this applies especially to "55 paper"

    After all that, make sure that you store your logos!, book, folder or whatever, keep it clean & flat!
    we have a document that deals with laminating logos...customers    Contact Us     quoting documentation on "laminating logo paper graphics".

Product Image Item Name- Price
"72 Paper" - Surf Inlay Decal Paper - per foot

"72 Paper" - Surf Inlay Decal Paper - per foot

Sold by the foot. additional feet will be left continuous. orders under 3 feet will be folded for postage. orders over 3 feet rolled on a postal tube & bubblewrapped


"55 Paper" - Surf Inlay Decal Paper - per sheet

"55 Paper" - Surf Inlay Decal Paper - per sheet

Sold by the sheet rolled onto postal tube & bubblewrapped. Sheet size: 25 x 37" (inch)


Budget Logo Paper - priced per sheet.

Budget Logo Paper - priced per sheet.

We have stocks of budget logo paper. For usage under clear laminates only. You've to be real careful trimming so as not to get paper print through.... read the description, "budget logo paper"


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