Epoxy Pigments

Shorebreaks Epoxy pigments have been tested with our current Epoxy Resin system and give outstanding results, when used correctly.

We do not recommend the pigments for usage with other epoxy systems, and while they may perform adequately, we have not tested them.

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The depth of colour and pigment dispersion of in-house pigments utilised is noticeable. Highly concentrated pigments that only require a minute percentile addition to your resin.

In our shop we add the pigment to the resin till we achieve the required shade.
Then mixing in the measured amounts of Hardener and percentile based additives

Digital Weighing scales and literally only a few drops at a time till you achieve the required shade.

We recommend testing prior to mixing any large expensive batch, its better to get a feel for colour dispersion and depth. Tips:
  • If an opaque colour is required, add a little white pigment first, then add your colour.
  • We have found that surfactants can fade the shade slightly, but overcompensating by adding additional pigment is not worth risking.
    Always use a surfactant to aid sanding and finishing of epoxies.
  • Too much pigment is a bad thing, it can affect the final properties of the finished laminate
  • We generally find 0.5% additions (0.5% of weight resin&hardener) of pigment is an ample addition to progressively attain the required shade, We generally use no more than 5% of pigment in our production of laminates, typically 3%.
  • If you want to achieve high concentrations of colour then add a smaller % of pigment to your laminate, and also tint the hot-coat
  • gloss with resin. not with 2K clear coats.

Available in a range of colours.

We can supply a range of premixed colours.

  • Primary Colours

Suggested Mix Ratio's and Instructions for usage are a guide only, and it is the purchasers responsibility to test, and familiarise yourself with tinting epoxide resins before carrying out any large tasks.

We carry no liability or responsibility to how you use our products.
The preceding paragraphs only give an indication to the kinds of steps you must consider prior to tinting epoxies, and should not be considered as a resource or manual.Ensure you research your project prior to carrying out any irreversible action.

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