Raptor Fins

Established in 2005 they’ve already gained rapid recognition as one of Australia’s leading fin companies offering the most advanced designs, quality materials,performance templates and high tech manufacturing technology.

Raptor produce both their own fins and patented fin plug system and Pro-riders using Raptor fins read like a who’s who of surfing talent and include WCT riders like Bede Durbidge and Dane Reynolds.

The Raptor inside foil Nylon Glass Tech fin is a very high tech fin, computer generated from the engineering foil of a German Glider wing, to create lift, thrust and forward speed. The more these fins are pushed the more thrust is generated!

To help the tip create more flex at the top edge Raptor have stiffened the base to 2/3 up the fin and backing off the stiffness in the last 1/3 of the fin. The leading edge is set 1 degree in and the tip is set 1 degree out causing a slight twist in the fin from base to tip creating a parabolic fin.

Download the Fin Size Specification Sheets here...

R1    R3    R5    R6    R7   

And click on either the "Glass Tech" or "UL Hex Core" image below to view the fins